Emergency Response Services

Whether it’s Mother Nature that strikes or your main water pipe that breaks down, when it effects your business, it’s a disaster that can cost you money and create an unsafe situation. You need an emergency response team with the skills, tools, and expertise to respond to this emergency and get your business up and running again with a minimum amount of down time. When disaster strikes, you don’t want to be caught rummaging through the local Yellow Pages in search of a solution – you need to call our experts at Commercial Construction, Incorporated (CCI) for fast emergency response 24/7/365.

We’ll Respond and Act Immediately

When disaster hits your business, you need to be in a position to get an emergency team onsite immediately to assess the situation, recommend a solution, and begin implementing an action plan designed to get your operation moving again. At the first sign of a problem, all you have to do is call our onsite supervisor, and they will dispatch a response team to your location. Equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to fix your damaged property, we specialize in plant breakdowns and getting your operation back on track in the event of a disaster.

Plant Breakdowns Are Our Specialty

We have built an entire career around the quick breakdown and repair of your damaged plant or machinery. Toward that end, we fix any thing mechanical or structural that might be slowing down your productivity or causing a dangerous work environment. Whether it moves or it is part of the structural integrity of your facility, we specialize in plant breakdowns and repair of all your structural or machinery problems including:

  • Belts
  • Pulleys
  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Conveyors
  • Machinery
  • Drive Systems
  • Shafts, gears, sprockets, chains, and more
  • All Structural
  • All Mechanical

We handle all aspects of your plant breakdown, so you won’t need to search around for multiple contractors to get the job done – we do it all quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Safety is Paramount

When dealing with heavy equipment in a busy factory environment, safety is the number-one concern. This is particularly true when down equipment threatens to short out critical components of the operation. Regardless of the scenario, CCI brings a wealth of safety knowledge to the scene because safety is our number-one concern, and our experience guarantees that we will deliver results and not excuses.

Accidents Happen: Prepare for Them with a Professional Team at Your Side

Accidents happen and disasters can strike at a moment’s notice, so be prepared with an emergency dispatch team that is suited up and ready to respond immediately at the first sign of a problem. We have an array of experience that is firmly rooted in working in large industrial plants from power to the automotive industries. We put safety and efficiency first in everything we do, so you can relax knowing that you have experts available to respond to your emergency. You can be assured that your operation will be up and running again in no time at all with a minimum of disruptions.

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