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CCI Rigging Services


We specialize in transporting heavy machinery and equipment. After carefully inspecting the location and consulting with the client on the scope of the project, we’ll provide the certified personnel and exactly the right equipment, including our own forklifts and cranes.

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CCI Emergency Response Services (c) Monty Rakusen www.fotosearch.com

Emergency Response

When disaster strikes, your search for a solution ends with CCI.  Our Emergency Response Teams have the skills, tools, and expertise to quickly respond to emergencies and get your business up and running again with a minimum amount of down time.

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CCI Millwright


From pulling the plug, to returning your system to 100% operational, CCI Millwrights bring experience from the real world of industrial contracting to every project.  This includes plant maintenance for a variety of facilities, Power Generation and the Automotive industry.

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In today’s competitive business environment, successful companies increasingly demand the value-added benefit of contracting a single company to provide diversified services.  CCI is now equipped to undertake a variety of projects for individual clients.

Developing simultaneously into multiple areas of the construction industry has only heightened our commitment to providing customers with unsurpassed service.

Let us refer you to a wide variety of satisfied customers that can reinforce CCI’s reputation for quality, experience, excellence and customer satisfaction.

Other Services We Offer

Industrial plant shutdown maintenance

Automation equipment installation

Turnkey machinery installation

General Contracting

Machinery moving

Conveyor installations

Belt vulcanizing/repair

Machine Storage

Baggage handling systems

Heavy rigging and transport

Structural steel installation

Project management