Tips on selecting the right Heavy Machinery Moving Services

Tips on selecting the right Heavy Machinery Moving Services

Any large facility, whether production or service based, is likely to have need of machinery moving at some point in time, if not regularly. It may be a matter of simply moving a growing company into a larger facility, or it may be that the nature of your business requires that you provide machinery on site to finish your projects. Whether or not you have an in-house crew to perform these tasks, there is no doubt that you have to hire an experienced company to take care of it. There are ways to ensure potential issues do not interrupt your otherwise immaculate processes.

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

No doubt you do business with other local companies and have friends or acquaintances that hire similar services you do. Whether you’re giving or receiving a sales pitch, or just having a casual lunch, ask about heavy machinery moving services other people have had success with. Chances are, a good company that is qualified to move your equipment is going to have satisfied customers that are happy to recommend them. In many cases, machinery moving is not a daily occurrence and a company specializing in rigging and millwright services isn’t located on every street corner.  Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

Look for Versatility and Diverse Capabilities

No two rigging and transportprojects are the same even though they may seem on the surface to require similar equipment and talents. Moving a CNC machine, a conveyor, or any turnkey machinery, each will require different planning and levels of ability from the employees to the equipment used by the company. Ideally, the company will have experience with the specifics that your heavy machinery-moving project requires. Realistically, the company will have a superfluous amount of previous experience that you can trust them to accommodate every phase of your project.

That’s just on the ground with the physical labor involved in moving your equipment. A good heavy machinery-moving company is also going to know how to deal with taxes for interstate travel, customs if it applies to you, or processing and forwarding fees before they occur. They’ll insure your machinery during the move, or at least know how to advise you to insure it yourself. They’ll either have storage facilities or if needed, be able to line that service up for you. The company should be experienced enough to know what you need before you ask; making large machinery and equipment relocation as convenient as possible and less stressful for you.

Check the Area of Availability

Whether you’re moving down the block or three states over, choose a company that has experience moving heavy equipment and machinery from state to state, across the country and across international borders. These companies are going to be more experienced and able to serve your needs as they complete every phase of your project.

The Bottom Line Is Quality

The previous advice has been based on this simple concept, “Quality”. You won’t save money if your costs for transporting is less and is two days late simply because the company’s trailer broke down. Unexpected issues may happen from time to time and there are plenty of ways that your project may be delayed. Allowing someone to transport your machinery on the bed of Jed Clampett’s truck with Granny tying down the security straps is not one of them. You want to find an experienced, qualified and professional company who knows what issues may arise and will do everything possible beforehand to minimize or avoid those issues.

Nobody Does Rigging Better than CCI

CCI has 20-plus years of experience in rigging and millwright services. We are licensed, insured, diverse and you will never hear “We don’t know how” to handle any large transport project.

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