Types of Forklifts Used In Heavy Machinery Moving

Types of Forklifts Used In Heavy Machinery Moving

In the industry today, heavy machinery are the most versatile heavy duty products. To remain in the best condition, this equipment needs to be used in certain ways. Remember all heavy materials do not use the same method of transportation. This mainly depends on the equipment that is being transported and its destination. In industries forklifts are mainly used in moving large equipment. Also other items to consider when selecting the correct forklift is tire selection; cushion vs pneumatic tires, non-marking tires for plant use when customers doesn’t want to mare floors. Below are different types of forklifts used in heavy machinery moving:

Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks

DSC00202They are supplied in capacities from 6 ton to 60 tons. Additionally, they come in different configurations so as to suit the demands of the industry. Concrete, automotive, aluminum and steel among other industries are supplied with the forklifts that will meet the needs of their yards or plants.

Industrial Side Loader Forklifts

This works well on narrow aisles as the fork is on the side and are able to pick long or wide loads. These forklifts are available as two types:

  • Enclosed – used outdoors mainly.
  • Stand up side loader forklift – ideal for tasks indoors.

There is also the multi–way version with wheels that rotate at 90 degrees making transportation easy in all directions. This makes them useful in transporting sheet materials, pipes and tubing efficiently and safely.

Rough Terrain Forklift

Rough terrain forklifts are ideal for rough terrain and construction outdoors. Its tires have thick threads and are inflatable. This makes them stable on grounds that are uneven. Their engine is powerful and reaches higher speeds making them more durable and robust. They are able to transport heavy machinery across rough terrain and some are able to handle up to 3 tons. They have been calibrated to avoid overbalancing so you can easily operate them in snow, ice and mud.

Telescopic Handler Forklifts

Used in industry where high lifting is required and has several features that makes it useful in different heavy duty activities. They have a single telescopic boom making it more flexible and powerful. It has attachments like muck grabber, pallet fork, bucket and table extending lifting capabilities. The tele-handler is able to complete tasks at a level where other forklifts cannot reach.

Industrial Counter Balance ForkliftsDSC00193

These are most common in indoor stores and warehouses. At the front they have dual forks that allow them to transport and lift loads. Three wheel models are made ideally for narrow aisles and have better maneuverability.

Fixed vs Counter Weight Forklift

Forklifts that are fixed, will give you a fixed weight capacity, while extended counter weights allow more versatility and can extend or retract into tight spots. Each have a specialized duty and are excellent with the right job.

Pedestrian Operated Pallet Forklifts

They are mainly used in storage facilities and warehouses. All of them have forks that slide beneath pallets and use hydraulics that easily lift the loads. Pedestrian operated pallet forklifts come in different designs and styles and can move loads of up to 5,000 lbs.

Industrial Forklift Trucks

They are known for their lift height that makes them a good choice for warehouse situations where you have high rise storage. These are common and you will find them where there is only one load. The two forks slide underneath the load to lift it safely. The double deep trucks are identical to this one and are suitable where there are double pallet loads. Additionally, straddle trucks have forks that are long and are able to grip on the edges giving them stability and easy access.

Booms and Accessories

DSC00198 In the trades, industrial booms on forklifts adds versatility to the forklift, while hydraulic vs manual booms are great to maneuver awkward objects into specific spaces. There are also; -steel coil boom accessory, long forks, short forks, mast-side shift and fork movers.

Electric, Propane, or Diesel

Forklifts are available in several fuel vs non-fuel options. Electric forklifts are great for smaller job and smaller projects. Most commonly used forklifts for internal operations are fueled with propane. Propane operated machines are cleaner and most fuel efficient in manufacturing. And finally there is diesel fuel, which is most commonly used in outdoor spaces. Today diesel fuel is readily available everywhere in the country.

Whichever forklift that you decide to use, it’s important to get the right training, so as to be able to maintain and operate them effectively and safely. Consider millwright services from a respected training organization who will tailor the training to suit your work requirements and forklift truck you choose.

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