Understanding the Different types of Trucks in Equipment Moving

Understanding the Different types of Trucks in Equipment Moving

If you plan to hire a trucking company to move equipment or earth, there will be a number of different trucks available for you to choose. We want to ensure that you choose the right trucks – affordable, correctly sized and appropriate for the job. That’s why we want to help you understand the different types of trucks used in equipment moving.


In most countries, the trucks you can hire will be listed or categorized based on the amount of weight that they can carry. The names of the categories can change based on the country you reside in. In essence, there are 3 types of trucks that are used in equipment and earth moving. They include medium, heavy and heavy-super tractor-trailors.

Medium Trucks

As the name suggests, medium trucks are used to carry relatively heavy loads that may include metal, material rolls and heavy equipment. Most trucking companies will give you a choice between a regular box, duty, platform and flatbed truck. In case you need good carrying capacity, a box or standard duty truck could work great. However, if your equipment is large, then a flatbed – with no sides at all – may be the right choice.

Heavy Trucks

In case you need to carry rather heavy equipment such as large amounts of earth, garbage, logs, heavy machinery and even automobiles, heavy trucks work great. These types of trucks include dump, garbage, log, ballast and semi-trailer; including double drop, single drop, curtain side and super trailers. While each has its own use, they are highly similar as they can each carry up to several tons of weight.

For many companies, an enclosed, dump or tractor-trailer truck are the most common choices. This is because each can carry, transport and unload significantly large loads with relative ease.

Heavy-Super Tractor /Trailers

Also known as “heavy haul” in certain areas, transporters are usually designed to carry incredibly heavy loads that can be as little as 40 tons or as heavy as 60 tons. As such, they are primarily used in mining and construction.

While these are ideal for significantly heavy loads such as giant transformers, plant parts, presses, large boilers and engines, they require special permits and/or escorts when travelling. This helps reduce the chances of an accident occurring either due to the size of the load, its weight or due to the truck itself.

Always Seek Help

While the information above will help you better understand that different types of trucks used in equipment moving, we always recommend acquiring a professional opinion. In other words, when selecting trucks to hire, always ensure that you tell the trucking company the total weight of the load that needs to be moved and its dimensions.

This will allow them to provide you with the right truck for the job. Armed with the information above, you can request for a different truck if you think it’s needed. More importantly, the information will ensure that you never pay for more than you actually need.

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